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Working prerequisites Working in R&D involves proposing methods to management and techniques for innovative solutions in a challenging environment. Requirement is to prepare detailed specifications, estimates for resources and project plans. Develop a plan with timelines,milestones,expected results and monitor the progress of ongoing project. Provide progress reports to the management team with each milestone. Work in accordance with the approved project plan, funds and resources. Focus ‘Engineering then transform these prototypes into products or services and Launch your Smart Ideas’. To manage research teams for product developmentwith a background in project management focus could be to find the best method of product development. Strengths could include strong communication skills to discuss with business managers the impact of various products based on the return on investment in the competitive commercial market in order to Track market, Service market, Shape market and Maintain market. Attract training aspirants for required training and joint venture IT projects developments based on the analysis report of Regulatory changes in markets Disruptive technology, an expansion in mergers and acquisitions, Collaborative research and Shareholder frustration. ONGOING RESEARCH



SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT:     The IEEE 802.16 Wireless MAN is a broadband wireless access network, which provides high-rate network connections to stationary sites, operates over greater distances, provides more bandwidth, takes advantage of a broader range of frequencies and supports a greater variety of deployment architectures, including non-line-of-sight operation. The MAC protocol includes an initialization procedure designed to eliminate the need for manual configuration. Upon installation, a Subscriber Station begins scanning its frequency list to find an operating channel. It may be programmed to register with a specified Base Station. Systems shall support the applicable procedures for entering and registering a new Subscriber Station or a new node to the network. This research work concentrates upon the network initialization procedure to bring up the subscriber and base stations in the 802.16 networks Socket programming has been used to perform simulations. As the connection is established successfully, the dynamic service management is being performed with respect to Service creation, service modification and service deletion.An attempt is made to describe the simulation and experiment setup.