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A right platform for Engineering students, Graduates, Working professionals and for the indivisuals to build their knowledge and quality of Experinece. These technical workshops are offered as ½–Day (4 hours) and 1–Day (8 hours) workshops and upto 4 days program. The workshops cover numerous problems and examples not typically covered in regular college / university courses and at corporate level. Many years of working experience in academia as well as in reputed multinational corporations have been incorporated into these workshops, in order to impart to the participants critical thinking, problem analysis, and problem–solving skills, which are considered key 21st century skills to succeed in the increasingly technology–driven and competitive global workplace.

Algorithmic Thinking and Problem Solving


Great opportunity for aspiring Computer Science, Information Science/Technology, Electronics and Communication and MCA students and Graduates of Institutions/University and working professionals of Corporate Industries.
our workshop has been designed to be interactive and engaging. the participants will be involved in solving a variety of problems. workshop instructors have a combined experience of teaching and software engineering of over 35 years.
The overall objectives of the workshop are to teach:
(a) problem formulation;
(b) problem modeling;
(c) algorithm development;
(d) algorithm analysis;
(e) critical thinking;
(f) making connections to real world problems.
This workshop is hands-on and the participants will be actively engaged in applying algorithmic techniques to the solutions of several interesting problems. The techniques learnt can be applied in many different domains, such as Engineering, Computing, Transportation, Manufacturing, Management, Social sciences, etc.
The Workshop outcomes are
(a) Good Analytical, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills
(b) Understanding of Algorithm desg=ign Techniques
(c) Ability to Apply algorithms for Systematic Solutionds development
(d) Ability to Evaluate the Solutions for Correctness and Efficiency
(e) Working as part of a group
(f) Fun